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Our Town - brotherron
Our Town
Do you remember Our Town, the quessisential American play about life in small-town New England? It is such a sweet valentine to our innocence and common goodness. But, today it serves as a kind of reminder to slow down and look around and savor the still, quiet richness of our lives. In the play, when Emily wants to leave her grave and go back among the living, one of the dead people pleads with her to choose "an ordinary day because it will be special enough." 

I recently went home to North Carolina to visit my family and celebrate Decoration Day, an old mountain day of rememberance for the dead. Our family cemetery is high on a bald of a mountain and it offers a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is surrounded by pastures and fields, and in the distance you see the blue, smokey mountains. Someday I will go there and never leave, so to speak. This is a comfort to thinks about.

It is a hot Saturday afternoon here in the American jungle, Chattanooga. I have put a roast in the oven, with parsnips and onions. I am doing laundry as I write this. This morning, I cleaned and the house now smells like Murphys Oil Soap and clean sheets and sage. It is remarkable how much I love just being alive in this moment in time, in this little life. Surely there is a loving and kind God behind all this. I deeply believe, and live in thanksgiving.

If you are reading this and feel that I am a sap, or silly...well, consider this. I invite you to come find me, come over for Saturday night dinner tonight, and let me love you and comfort you and convince you that life is a beautiful and amazing experience.

We have been taught that we are only human beings, who on rare and extraordinary occasions might have a spiritual experience. This is a great lie. We are Sprirtual beings, and we have been given this human experience. So, let us dance and weep and laugh out loud and swim naked and slowdance and savor these sweet, plain days.

Thanks be to God.

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arunati From: arunati Date: January 4th, 2009 03:20 am (UTC) (Link)


you write so beautiful , in simple words , you explain what woderful is the life !
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