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Laundry and fireworks - brotherron
Laundry and fireworks

It is late on Saturday afternoon. I watched an old John Wayne Western...an old black and white...this afternoon and had an early dinner. Now, I am doing laundry and just had a long hot shower. It felt good; this morning I did some pretty strenuous gardening with a group of Korean students who gave me a real workout.  So, here I am: a perfectly good, honest fifty-something year old man, well read and very civil. I have a fairly interesting life. But, if it is so interesting, why am I showered and ready for bed before it's even dark? 

This is a curious equation. I honestly would describe myself as a happy, content man. But, I admit that there is a loneliness that makes me itch sometimes.

So, I just heard that there will be some pretty spectacular fireworks downtown tonight to celebrate the end of our Riverbend Festival. I think I will go and watch. Just in case....I mean.....you never know.


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From: the_urban_monk Date: August 7th, 2008 11:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
In the heart of a spiritual practice, that loneliness is always there - but when we just observe it, the loneliness can turn out to be one more friend.
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