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brotherron's Journal

1 October 1954
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Who am I? Is this not the great question, the great quest? How do we define who we are? What I do is a definition of who I am, I suppose. I am a Gregorian monk. I live and work among homeless people in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I work as an outreach worker, crawling under bridges and exploring abandoned buildings, crack houses, junkyards, the woods, anywhere broken people might be holed up. My work is dirty, stinky and many times, very dangerous. But, there is grace and mercy in every day, and I live a very happy and electric life. I live in thanksgiving. I also care for the feet of homeless people; I wash feet, trim toenails, massage feet and offer clean, dry socks and used shoes when I can. There is an amazing podiatrist and a team of nurses that also help with this work. Mostly, I just try to love these people as well as I can. I listen to their stories. I sit in the hospital rooms and I visit them in the jail and in prison. I am living as authentically and spiritually as I am able. I am a sinner and a little crazy. I am crazy for cowboys and snow and October and Santa Claus and goats and baseball. I am not your average guy. I am honest, I am complex, I am an explorer and I am searching the horizon line for whatever destiny God has designed for me. What are you searching for?